Taking care a hard drive


Hard Drive is the main device used for storing information, which is necessary as for the operating system, and for all other apps and programs. The stability of the entire system depends on the safety of the data on the hard disk.

To check its physical condition, you should check the hard drive periodically and monitor its operation by means of special programs. It is possible, for example, by the inclusion of S.M.A.R.T. technology in the BIOS application that allows you to monitor various indicators of the hard drive works at the hardware level in real time.

The system can thus detect possible upcoming significant failures and breakages, and promptly warn the user of such risk immediately after turning on the computer and initializing devices. When such messages appear, you should create a backup disk with data on another hard disk or other storage medium.

Built-in validation mechanism allows to check the surface of the hard drives. You can activate this mode by selecting the menu “Properties” after clicking the right mouse button on the selected disk, followed by a switch to the tab “Tools” and click “Check Now.”

Testing will begin either immediately, or after you restart the computer, depending on the selected options, and you will be notified about it in a particular system message. Testing can show the presence of bad sectors. If periodically carried out checks will show an increasing number of bad sectors, you should prepare for a hard disk replacement.

At the first sign of a malfunction of your hard drive, please contact our computer service center in Borispol, and we will help you to save the data.

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