How to protect the keybord from breakages


The keyboard is the most highly exposed to contamination because it is used very actively and it contacts with the fingers, which accumulated a thin skin fat, sweat and dust, which eventually transforms into a layer of sticky mud on the keyboard.

Dust and other particles, when get into the keys “articular mechanism”, make pressing on it complicated. Therefore, the most important event, which will prevent the failure of the keyboard is its timely periodic cleaning.

If you want to clean the keyboard qualitatively, turn it and shake well. You may be surprised how many things can fall out from not-cleaned keyboard – dust, crumbs, insects, paper clips, coins, hair and everything, that once upon a time have stuck between the keys.

For further deep cleaning, remove all keys from their sockets, using, for example, a pair of scissors. Gently set out the keys on the table in the same order in which they were previously set on the keyboard.

When all the keys will be removed, turn the keyboard upside down again and shake it, freeing from the remaining trash, which stuck between keys socket. The surface of the keyboard, which was previously under the keys, should be wiped with alcohol wipes. Next, wipe with the same towels every removed key, freeing its surface from dirt.

When the cleaning procedure is finished, select all the keys back on their place and check the location of each of the buttons after working with the keyboard.

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