Maintain a stable voltage, or electricity supply tips

Computer users don’t have to wait for the stable operation of the power supply system of Ukraine and the CIS countries until the system is fully updated, and this is unlikely to happen soon. Therefore, you should protect your technical equipment with all possible both technical and improvised means.


Although everybody knows about the effects of voltage surges, it is worth to remind about. All power supply units, that connect the computer devices to the mains, such as a monitor, peripherals and computer cabinet power supplies are the first to suffer. Also, the input circuits of internal components – the motherboard and storage devices can greatly suffer.

If the blow will not be stopped by input circuits in the previous sections, the most important components such as the CPU with RAM, may be damaged the most of all. Without these components the computer will be unable to function.

It is not possible to change the quality of the mains voltage, so you need to try to influence it by all available means. To do this, first of all it is necessary to use technical means, for example – a special extensions of various models, equipped with protection against power surges and impulsive noise.

Do not save on this extender, because the more expensive it is, the better is its quality. Therefore, the technical equipment will be better protected. Such an extension cord looks like a normal surge suppressor or box with power sockets and switches.

More advanced extension models have separate switch for each power socket. If fuse blows out in such a modification, then only one power socket stops working, but not the entire unit.

However, even the best and the most expensive extender cannot be compared with an uninterruptible power supply. Direct task of such a device is maintaining a constant voltage level in the mains and stabilize it in case of surges. Besides that uninterrupted power supply protects electrical circuits. It will be able to save the telephone line as well, which is particularly susceptible to the influence of harmful power surges.

Besides the fact that you should use assistive technical means, you need to make sure that the extension cord, which the computer with the periphery is connected to, does not connect other devices which may affect its operating and are not equipped with a filter against noises.

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