How to wipe out the worst enemy – dust


Dust, as well as unstable voltage in the electrical grid is a serious danger for the normal operation of any computer. It is not possible to get rid of her appearance, so you need to constantly deal with it, which means – to wipe it out.

What are the dangers about the dust? First of all, its accumulation causes the reduction of the life of any electronic and mechanical equipment.

Dust acts as follows. The fan, which a power supply is equipped with, accumulates dust particles. The lubricant of the shaft mechanism dries, which leads to friction in the mounting socket. If you do not clean the dust, then over time the problems of the fan cannot be avoided and that leads to increasing of the cooled component temperature. Therefore, the danger of such, at first glance, harmless enemy as usual dust, should not be underestimated.

Periodic wet cleaning helps to remove dust from all components, including the external elements – the system unit, monitor, and all connected devices, and internal components – boards, fans and connecting nodes and slots. The main tool for cleaning may be usual wet rag, special alcohol wipes for office equipment, which can be found in any store of the computer equipment and the vacuum cleaner with attachments for cleaning small items.

The power supply is a subject to a particularly thorough cleaning.

Computer location plays an important role because the amount of sucked dust depends on how low to the floor will be placed the system unit. The lower he will be placed – the more dust it will accumulate. It is recommended to place the computer cabinet not less than 15 centimeters from the floor.

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