Do not forget to monitor the status of components

The cost of some details, such as the video card, hard drive and CPU is pretty high.
Durability and accuracy life of a computer depends on the climate conditions in its internal structure.

Experiments with the overclocking of the processor can significantly increase the internal temperature conditions, which can adversely affect absolutely all components.

Of course, the temperature increasing is caused not only because of the measures to overclocking. It may be caused because of damaged cooler – internal fan, which mission is to cool the running processor by drawing the cool air into computer cabinet and pulling out the warm air.

You can monitor the temperature inside the computer cabinet by using special software, for example – Hdd Temperature, SpeedFan, MotherBoard Monitor, CPUCool, etc. These programs collect, analyze and display on the screen of the monitor the temperature data, collected from multiple temperature sensors that are placed on the internal computer details, as well as fan rotation speed indicators and other parameters.

Among the programs that allow you to diagnose your PC components work, it is necessary to highlight a program called HDDlife Pro, which is used to monitor the status and operation of the hard disk. The developers have taken care of the presence of Russian interface, so absolutely anyone can correctly set the configuration of the program and use it.

At the same time, this tool allows you to get a lot of useful information on the hard drive operation, and all of this features are available in a simple and easy to understand format.

You will be able to find out about what sections is your hard drive divided into, about their workload; to examine the statistics of requests to each of the sections, as well as to find out how much free disk space do you have, the type of your file system, disk temperature at the current time and a lot of other important information.

If you doubt your abilities, you can bring your computer to our service center, which is located in Borispol, for the diagnosis so we will check whether there is a problem with your PC or not.

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