How to clean CPU cooler?


CPU cooler consists of two parts – the fan and radiator. His very important task is CPU cooling. Thus, the stability of the entire computer’s operating depends on how qualitatively the cooling fan operates.

It is considered that the main and most important component of the cooler is fan, because radiator is passive. Fan, like any mechanical device which has friction elements, requires special care. Lubrication lose its properties over time, which leads to reducing the quality of operation of the device – there are noises, the fan starts to vibrate, etc.

Therefore, when a noise inside the computer case appears, do not delay intervention until later.

By the way, the noise may be made by a CPU cooler or all other coolers located inside the system unit as well, for example, a cooler on the graphics card, or an additional cooler for disk drives etc.

You can make the prevention of all other coolers the same way as of CPU cooler. The event of technical fan preventing necessarily includes “wet cleaning” – removal of dust with cloth for office equipment, as well as special oil axis lubrication.

You can certainly buy a new radiator (or fan), but not always and not everyone has this opportunity. With timely care about the purity of the coolers, you can avoid the need for frequent replacement of components.

In order to produce high quality fan cleaning, it must first be detached from the radiator. It is simple to remove the radiator – you need to unscrew the four small screws, then remove the radiator, but do not forget to unplug it from the mains.

Fan blades may be conveniently cleaned with a cotton swab, pre-soaked in alcohol. In the case where the fan hasn’t been purified for a long time, it happens that the dust turns to a solid crust. Do not be afraid to use reasonable force to get rid of it – it is unlikely that you will be able to harm the fan. It is not necessarily to remove the impeller from the slot, but the fan will have to be removed.

There are a few important points in the procedure for cleaning the cooler. Generally, there is a sticker on the slot for the fan (on its lower part), under which the mounting mechanism is located. The impeller is fixed in the slot at the end of the metal substrate by means of the annular recess.

After setting the impeller in the nest, you will need to fix it by putting plastic washer on the recess, which is designed to secure the recess. The sticker must be peeled off and remove the plastic hoop. This must be done very carefully, without damaging it.

In the fans that have long been exploited, plastic washer can lose its flexibility, so it must be removed very carefully to avoid damage. In addition, as a rule, the washer adjoins very tightly to the recess of the impeller.

In order to remove a washer, it is possible to hook it up with a thick needle, and then pull it out with the forceps. Now, the impeller can be removed from the slot. Cotton swab treated with alcohol will help you to clean the slot from accumulated dust, and a hole for installation of the impeller should be greased with special grease a certain viscosity.

But before you grease it, put the impeller in its place and sway it gently in different directions.

Detected end-plays means fan exhaustion which is found in the form of unequal spin with the presence of irregular vibration of the operating device. It is impossible to completely correct this situation. The only thing that will help – the use of oil with the required degree of viscosity.

High resistance to the increase of the oil temperature creates the most comfortable environment for a fan, which eliminates vibrations. Grease loses its properties over time, so the noise will appear again and the procedure will need to be repeated again.

After processing the impeller shaft with grease, set it back to the slot by scrolling it around its axis several times to distribute the lubricant. Appeared oil excesses should be wiped. Then, install the mounting hoop back into its place and attach the sticker.

Now, these preventive fan maintenance activities are completed. Fasten it with the screws to the radiator and connect the power, then turn on the computer and check the work of cleaned and lubricated device.

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