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Computer services, PC-upgrading, data recovery, matrixes replacement, viruses’ removal, software installation, monitors, smartphones, printers repair, cartridge refill.

What to do with a broken computer?

If your computer is disabled, doesn’t turn on or strongly buzzes; the websites don’t open or you can’t log in the facebook, vkontakte or other social networks account and scan for viruses doesn’t help, it is a high time to phone our service center –

Of course, it is possible to try to repair your computer or laptop on your own or to ask a neighbor or an acquaintance, but it is necessary to remember that such actions very often aggravate a situation and then, as a result, when you come to the experts, computer repair already requires more serious actions.

What to do if the printer doesn’t print?

Have just finished the important document, and the printer refuses to print it? The printer, as well as any office equipment, can also be on the blink and let you down at the most crucial moment. There are a plenty of failure causes and we faced each of them a lot of times. We know how to derive the paper which stuck in the printer and not to damage its internal details or why the text on the paper isn’t visible. We are also ready to fix any defect of “printer-pc” area, rectifying the uninterrupted working process.

Cartridge refill

Each printer cartridge intended for a certain quantity of the printed sheets of paper and when ink runs low, most owners of printing technique go to the shop to buy a new cartridge. Actually this process can be simplified considerably, saving a lot of money. In fact, all types of cartridges can be refilled with special ink (they can be both liquid, and in powder condition). Our experts are ready to refill it for you and prolong cartridge’s life from 2 to 20 times.

Data recovery

Sometimes data storage media (such as USB sticks, hard disks), which you trust the valuable data, may be down as a result of virus attack, voltage surges, mishandling etc.  In such situations many people consider that they have already lost all the information irretrievable, but it’s not the case. Data recovery can help in 99% cases, such as accounting basis, texts, photos, video or music. Of course, successful data recovery requires an individual approach, the qualified analysis of a situation and competent interference in each separate case.

User maintenance

User maintenance is very convenient and an economic method to provide uninterrupted computer’s working process at your company. User maintenance is more effective and much cheaper, than one-time calls of the experts or the maintenance of your own IT-experts staff.