Viruses removal in Borispol

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From where do the viruses come?

  • when visiting unknown web pages
  • letters that come from infected users
  • social networks – in messages or pictures
  • flash drives, which were connected to infected computers
  • Skype and other messengers
  • when installing untested software

Signs of 100% infection by computer virus

  • messages appearing, the source of which is unknown to you
  • programs run without your participation
  • anti-virus (which you do not have installed) appeared and requires to scan your computer
  • any web page showing you the porn advertising while viewing
  • you cannot get on the social sites, but other sites work
  • when you boot the system, it is blocked and the message requires you to pay something.

Signs, in which it’s worth checking your computer for viruses

  • when running programs generate errors.
  • internet became slower
  • computer starts to operate extremely slow
  • HDD indicator often flashes or is permanently on

If you have similar problems, we recommend you to contact our specialists to check your computer for viruses.