Windows setup & installation in Borispol

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Why it is necessary to clean and setup Windows OS?

1. Very often the system is not completely erase programs, which we remove from our computer. Over time, Windows gets clogged by these remains and starts to run slow and unstable.

2. Another reason of Windows failures is a virus software. As a result, your internet stops working, programs stop launching or even your system can be locked.

In such cases, Windows setup is necessary. Our specialists will clean your system and remove the virus without affecting your data.

Such procedure takes from 15 minutes to several hours depending on the complexity of the problem.

3. Windows installation is required when purchasing a new PC or laptop as well, or when there is no software on purchased device. Windows Setup on the new computer takes about an hour.

Also at our service center we install additional software that is necessary for the proper computer operation such as antivirus, the Microsoft Office and others. Installation of paid programs is possible only if you have a purchased license.

Contact us, we will always be glad to help you.