Monitors repair

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«COMPOV» service center carries out monitors repair of any complexity.

Basic services for the monitors repair:

  • Repair the monitor power supply
  • Replacement of the monitor backlight
  • Replacement of the monitor matrix
  • Cleaning the monitor from dust

Call us at 066-425-35-18, and a monitor repair will be done qualitatively and as fast as possible.


Monitor, as well as any technical equipment may fail. And we are also gladly ready to help in this matter.

What to do if the monitor is broken

If you smell the smoke from the monitor, immediately unplug it from the outlet. After that you should actually begin to solve the problem.

The most frequent monitors breakages

  • The monitor is plugged in, but the Power LED does not light up
  • Power LED is amber, and there is no image
  • Image appears and then disappears when you turn on the monitor
  • It is difficult to see the image on the monitor
  • The monitor emits an unpleasant odor

First of all, check your warranty card. If the guarantee is still valid, please refer to the address indicated in the warranty card, or in the place where you purchased the monitor. In this case, the repair can be free.