Phones repair in Borispol

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«COMPOV» service center carries out professional repair of mobile phones in Borispol of any level of complexity.

Basic services for the mobile phones repair:

Call us at 066-425-35-18, and a phone repair will be done qualitatively and as fast as possible.

It is hard to imagine life without a mobile phone. We always carry it with us, somebody in the pocket with keys, somebody in the bag, where it may get scratched; phone may be spilled with coffee, but mobile phone dropping is probably the most common cause of сontacting the service center. Most often in such situations there are damaged case or screen of the phone and it usually means the replacement of the display and replace the phone case with a new one.

Sometimes the owner sees a blank screen or a phone continuously restarts after having decided to firmware his phone independently. In such cases it is necessary to contact specialists for phones repair.


Some malfunctions of mobile phones

  • sensor stopped working
  • the display stopped to show the image
  • mobile phone stopped turning on after the self-disassembling
  • battery is quickly discharged
  • water has entered the phone.
  • the phone fell down on a hard surface, and stopped working
  • difficulty hearing the other person during a call
  • phone loses its connection


If you have any problems in your cell phone, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Call us at 066-425-35-18.