The display replacing on the iPhone 5, 6 in Borispol


Professional iPhone display replacement at the COMPOV service center in Borispol.

We offer our customers two ways to restore the broken iPhone screen.

1. Replacement your screen to a new one

The first and the fastest way is to replace the broken screen of your iPhone to the new one.

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Usually we use a display module replacement to the new one, if not only glass but also the matrix of your phone are damaged, or when you need immediate replacement and you do not want to wait. Advantage of this method is that you get a working phone within 30 minutes. Cons is that you have to pay for the new screen.

2. Replacement of damaged glass on your iPhone screen

The second method is a replacement of broken glass on the new one on your damaged screen.

If your phone matrix is not damaged, but the glass is, then this is the best method in price and quality. We cut away the broken glass from the display and replace it by the new one with special equipment. Since it takes not less than 24 hours to completely dry the glue, the procedure of replacement takes from one to two days.

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