Backup your data periodically


Why do we appreciate a computer most of all? We appreciate it for data storage. The very data, which are preserved in the hard disk is the most valuable. It can be text, video and audio files, programs etc.

As time went on, you accumulate a huge amount of files. Even if the stored information is of little value, nobody wants to lose it.

That is why, special attention has been given to creating data backups as archives – compressed data forms since the first computers. Archived data occupies much less space on external media.

Although today the media are affordable for everybody and you can buy them on every corner, many users forget about such simple precautionary method as data backup. And as it happens often – this is wrong.

The information which is lost due to computer failure is often the result of many years of work and it is of unique value. It is not always possible to recover lost data without loss. Clients often address us in our service center due to this problem.

To avoid the risk of data loss, it is necessary to take care of the periodic archiving of data on your computer. This can be done either manually or by using a special program that remind you of the moment has come to create next version of the archive after a certain period of time. Such programs can themselves launch archiving in the background, providing a report at the end of the work.