Service Customized computer build

If you do not have time or wish to build a computer by yourself, we offer you our service Customized computer build. This is much more profitable than buying a ready-made PC. As a rule, ready-made base units can be completed with low-quality components to make their cost much cheaper.

Computer configuration according to your preferences

We can offer a configuration that matches your criteria and you will not overpay for unnecessary functions.

Usually the computer is built from our components, so we provide a guarantee on the equipment and choose the best configuration for you.

We can build a customized computer from your components as well. In this case we will consult you for free about the compatibility of all components and you will get a guarantee for the work performed.

We can install a new Windows operating system and software of your choice on the ready-built system unit if necessary.

Deadlines of customized computer build in Borispol

We build gaming computers, office computers, computers for sound, photo and video processing, as well as servers of any configuration.

If you want us to build a standard configuration, for example, for home use, we assemble your computer within one working day. If you want to set up a special configuration, for example to work with photos and video editors or you want to deal with crypto currency mining, then the setup time of such computers is several working days.

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COMPOV team.