The most frequent breakages of laptops

From our own experience we can identify the most common reasons for laptop failure.

1.  Coffee and other drinks are a major cause of laptops death. Spilled liquid on the keyboard gets on the laptop boards and breaks the laptop down. Quite often such damage cannot be repaired and the owner of the gadget is forced to buy a new board, which costs a lot.


What if liquid has been spilled on a laptop?

If this happened, immediately turn the laptop with keyboard down and remove the battery. Then wipe off the fluid from the keyboard, preventing it from entering the screen, and without turning on a laptop, take it to a service center for cleaning. When turn on a laptop, you may break it down.

2. Flash drives, pens, telephones, forgotten on the keyboard are the second reason for failure of hundreds of laptops. Many users are not paying attention to the fact that there was some object on the keyboard. They automatically close the laptop cover and thereby break the screen or disrupt the loop. To avoid this, give up the habit of putting something on the keyboard.

3. Pets left unattended in a company of running laptop are a serious danger. Quite often our pets “mark” laptop, pouring the keyboard and screen. It should be noted that the cleaning of the laptop will cost more than cleaning of the laptop, poured with coffee or tea.

4. Using a laptop in bed or on other soft surfaces leads to overheating of the computer and clogging it with dust. The result of the constant use of the gadget in such conditions is repair. To avoid damage, it is necessary to use a special stand for a laptops or to underlay some solid surface under it (a book, cardboard, etc.).

5. Attempt to repair or clean a laptop by yourself is one of the most common reasons for contact a service center. If you do not own special skills and experience, it is likely that you may accidentally damage some of the parts, or you simply will not be able to assemble the laptop back.