How to look after a laptop



Laptops are so useful and convenient gadgets due to its mobility. We can move them from one table to another, move around the house or office or to change its place without turning off the computer.

However, such movements also require special care and attention. Sudden shaking, turning or pushing may cause to laptop malfunction.

Running laptop is like a living organism in which there are a variety of processes and moving of some details. So if you move with the turned on computer, try to do it as gently as possible. The laptop should remain in a horizontal position, avoiding pushes and twists.


The screen

Laptop screen become soiled with time and need cleaning. The easiest and most common way to care for your computer screen is the use of special wipes, which can be purchased at any computer store or supermarket.

It is important to remember that in any case the screens of laptops cannot be cleaned with detergents or liquids for washing windows. These tools are very aggressive and contain substances that can damage the matrix.


Temperature changes


Quite often, we use laptops away from home or office, respectively bringing them out of the room and back. If such movements are not of great importance during the warmer months, they are of particular relevance in the winter.

As a result of sudden temperature changes on laptop parts, as well as on any other objects, appears condensation. Therefore, having brought a laptop from the cold environment into the warm room, it cannot be instantly turned on.

Otherwise, the condensation can cause a short circuit, which will bring the technical equipment down. To avoid this, you should “heat” laptop at room temperature, without turning it on within the first hour after being in the cold.



There are situations where we forget to take a charger, and we are forced to borrow it from others. The first thing we are interested in is whether the charger plug is suitable to our laptop.

But, except for the type of connector, you should also pay attention to the corresponding of voltage values, which this charger offers (this number is indicated on the power supply). Otherwise, the laptop can be burned.


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