How to clean a laptop by yourself


Quite often, a laptop user neglects purity of his gadget, plunging headlong into work. So, most of us usually wipe the screen only when a thick layer of dust appears on it, and some allocate half an hour to clean the keyboard.

Of course, there are some white-gloves among us who daily monitor the laptop’s visual appearance. But is daily wet cleaning enough for your laptop?

Where does dust tend to accumulate?

Almost all laptops have an air cooling system, what means that there is a cooler, which pushes hot air out of it and thus the laptop avoids overheating.

Pushing air from one side, the cooling system draws cool air in from the other side, like a vacuum cleaner.

And clean laptop outside can be very dirty inside. The dust accumulates on the cooling radiator, on the cooler, and inside the laptop as well.

How does it threaten?

If cooling system is clogged with dust, the processor and the graphics card will overheat and fail. This is one of the most common causes of damage of the laptop, repair of which will be very costly.


Many of us are faced with the fact that after several years of use, the laptop starts to work noisier than at the beginning. He begins to freeze, and at some point may simply not turn on. As a result, the laptop needs to be repaired.

But if you do not allow heavy soiling, you can do without the repair and save your time and money.

How to clean a laptop screen?

The easiest tool to care for a laptop isa special wipes that are sold in every supermarket. With the same wipe you can clean the keyboard.

Do not attempt to use detergents for windows or similar tools for cleaning the screen (or keyboard), as they are not designed for such cleaning and may damage the matrix. After such cleaning you will probably have to replace it.

How to clean the cooling system?

You need the usual vacuum cleaner for this. Without disassembling a laptop, vacuum the places where hot air comes out and all the holes in it. If the laptop is not very dirty, you may remove all of the collected dust.

Such procedure should be repeated once a month, then your laptop will not collect dust. If your laptop is clogged very much, you have to disassemble it to vacuum the laptop within.

If you are not sure that you are ready to disassemble your computer, it is better to give it to the hands of professionals who will carefully remove all the dirt. Then you will be able to monitor your laptop condition, making easy cleaning of assembled device.

For self-confident users, we will show where it is necessary to clean the inside on the example of HP laptop. To do this you will need a brush and a vacuum cleaner. Having disassembled the laptop, gently remove dust with a brush not spreading it, then vacuum it with vacuum cleaner.